Robotics Starter Set

  • R 2,507.50

Start building your first robots: Race cars, machines or even your own robot dogs! With Tinkerbots you easily connect the different modules and create any robot you like. Through the Powerbrain you can program the movements of your robot: Use our app to connect via Bluetooth to your smart device or take the robot in your hands and teach it manually.

It all starts with the Powerbrain, the red cube containing the microcontroller, which sends all data and energy. Connect the Motor module to propel wheels or anything else you attach to it. Use the Pivot module to have your robot pan left and right. With our Cubie bricks, LEGO® or other building systems you can find at home are now ready to be built into anything you can dream up. Get creative!

Your building kit includes:

1x Powerbrain,

1x Pivot,

1x Motor,

4x Wheels,

6x Axels,

39x Cubie,

2x Adapter bricks,

1x Charging Accessories,

1x Manual,

Tinkerbots App

System requirements for the Tinkerbots App:

  • Android 5.0+ or iOS 7+

  • Bluetooth 4.0